The Academy
MTYB Academy  students attend The Academy daily and are tutored by a
certified teacher in a structured environment. Curriculum is chosen so that it is best
suited for your child and students will  receive individual instruction each day. Students
will complete their academic studies in the mornings followed by their dance training in
the afternoon. Students of the MTYB Academy are  required to attend evening dance
classes at the studio of his/her choice. Our fine arts goal is to train dancers to be
knowledgeable in all genres of dance so that they will be prepared for acceptance into
dance major programs at the college of their choice.                                                 
Our academic goal for each student is to provide a                                                  
high level of education in order to prepare them for                                                     
success in college.

Due to the rigorous training in academics as well as                                             
dance, there are limited spaces open in The Academy.             
It is a very structured and challenging atmosphere in
which we produce highly successful academic students as well as dancers. Admission
is by audition only.

To be considered for The Academy, students must meet the following criteria:
-Audition (in person or video)
-“A-B” level student in public or private schools
-Intermediate or above level dancer
-Recommendation letter from dance educator
-Multiple interviews with The Academy staff/Academic Advisory Board

               MTYB Academy Auditions
                               Saturday, March 30th (early decision)
                                       Entering Grades 3rd - 6th: 9:30 - 10:30
                                       Entering Grades 7th - 12th: 11:00 - 12:00
                               Saturday, April 27th
                                       Entering Grades 3rd - 6th: 1:00 - 2:00
                                       Entering Grades 7th - 12th: 2:30 - 3:30
MTYB Academic Program
Students may chose a public online school, Tennessee Virtual School or the
Robertson County Virtual School, at no additional cost. Students of the Robertson

 County Virtual School or the Tennessee Virtual School may be actively
 involved with the  public school’s co-curricular activities and clubs. If
 you prefer a private online program, we offer the Keystone School.
 The Keystone School is an accredited high school degree granting
 program which is licensed by the State Board of Private Licenses
 Schools. For more information on the  academic offerings of Keystone,
 please visit their website at All of
 these accredited programs provide flexibility in scheduling and
 individual support from certified instructors. Students utilize textbooks,
 distance-based technology, and   individual instruction to learn at a
 pace suited to their needs. Academic classes are held five days each
week. During that time, students move at
a pace suited to their individual needs. Dual
 enrollment classes are available through
the University of Alabama Early College or
 Volunteer State University. Eligible students
may join the MTYB Chapter of the National
 Honors Society for Dance Arts.

Dance Curriculum

MTYB Dance Curriculum
The dance curriculum of the MTYB Academy is the American Ballet Theatre National
Training Curriculum, which combines scientific principles with elements from the classic
French, Italian, and Russian schools of training. Consistent with the stylistic

equirements of ABT, the MTYB Academy aims to provide dancers with a rich
knowledge of classical technique and the ability to adapt to all styles and techniques
of dance. MTYB Academy classes
include Classical Ballet Technique, Pointe,
Variations, Contemporary, Modern, and Jazz. In addition, students
participate in
classes on Dance History, Choreography, Music, Art, Nutrition, Dancer’s Health, Stress

Management, Strength Training, and Resume Writing/Career Options. Dance classes
are held each day of the week.
$25.00 Application Fee
$5950.00 Tuition
$200.00 Administrative Fee
$175.00 Technology Fee

Tuition and fees are non-refundable.            
Tuition does not include academy uniforms.
Payment plans are available.