About Us
Our Mission

The Middle Tennessee Youth Ballet is a pre-professional, 501c(3) nonprofit
dance company dedicated to the growth and development of dance students.
MTYB is committed to providing cultural enrichment and arts education to the
middle Tennessee community. Its purpose is to provide highly-motivated
dance students with the technical training, artistic development, practical
experience, and performance opportunities needed to excel in dance.
Our Vision

create an innovative approach to dance education that welcomes diversity
and ensures unanimous participation and achievement by all students
create sustainable, inclusive, and engaging outreach programs that make
dance accessible to participants of all racial, cultural, and economic
broaden community acceptance and appreciation of the performing and
cultural arts
expand the purpose of the performing and cultural arts in the education of
youth and enrichment of the community
provide exceptional quality dance training in a nurturing, value-centered
provide educational opportunities for students by funding dance related