Youth Company Requirements
Dancer must be age 8 or older before September 30th, entering the 3rd grade, and have at least one (1) year of dance.
Auditions are held in May and dancers must audition each year.
Parent and dancer must be willing to abide by all company requirements. Company placement and casting is solely
based on the age and proficiency of the dancer by the artistic director.

Audition Fee: $25.00                Yearly Membership: $125.00

Technique Class Weekly Requirements
All members are required to attend dance classes at his/her home studio each week.  
Company technique class requirements:
Apprentice Company – Minimum of 3 hours per week including ballet
Junior Company - Minimum of 2 hours of ballet per week and 3 hours combined lyrical, jazz, or modern per week
Senior Company – Minimum of 3 hours of ballet/pointe per week, 1.5 hours of modern/contemporary or                           
additional ballet, and 2.5 hours of jazz/lyrical per week  
All performances and tech/dress rehearsals are mandatory.  Scheduling conflicts are taken into consideration, therefore
there are no exceptions.

Convention/Audition Requirements
Dancers are required to attend at least one convention and one audition each year.

Company Master Classes - "Second Saturday Series"
MTYB will offer company master classes the second Saturday of each month during the company season.  Classes will
be held by master teachers and dance educators.  There is no additional charge for youth company dancers to
participate in company master classes.  Classes are open to the public for a suggested $20 donation.

Company Rehearsals
Company rehearsals are held on Friday or Saturday as needed. Notice will be given in advance. Scheduling conflicts will
be taken into consideration, therefore rehearsals are mandatory.

MTYB will perform a minimum of three times each year. MTYB will also perform at community events, festivals, local
schools, and libraries as part as our outreach program.

Community Involvement and Outreach
Dancers will be asked to volunteer their time to support the mission and vision of MTYB. Community service is a large
part of MTYB and dancers are expected to complete a minimum number of service hours each dance year.